MCHC Opening Pharmacy on Lake Crystal Main Street

Published On: November 11th, 2019|Categories: News|

The Madelia Community Hospital & Clinic (MCHC) is excited to announce that we will be establishing the Lake Crystal Pharmacy at 210 South Main Street in Lake Crystal, opening in April, 2020. The independent pharmacy will be conveniently located across the street from the Post Office, and will give patients local access to prescription drugs and many over the counter medications.

The Lake Crystal Pharmacy will be a full service pharmacy with state of the industry technology for dispensing medications, tracking sales, and security. It will be fully automated so medical providers can transmit prescriptions, and patients can easily order refills via phone, website or app.

Independent pharmacies like the Lake Crystal Pharmacy, can sometimes offer significant discounts for patients. As a critical access hospital, MCHC can participate in the 340B Drug Pricing Program, through the federal government. The purpose of 340B is to give qualified providers relief from high drug prices, so they have the resources to provide more and better services to their patients by securing best pricing. By using 340B, MCHC can often provide discounted pharmacy drugs, driving down the medical expenses for the community as a whole. Customers at the Lake Crystal Pharmacy may see a significant savings through the 340B pricing, especially if the prescription originates from an MCHC medical provider.

“We have gotten to know this community well through our Physical Therapy business and working with the school, and we heard that Lake Crystal residents wanted a local pharmacy,” said MCHC CEO, Jeff Mengenhausen. “We are excited about opening this new downtown business and helping Lake Crystal grow.”

Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care providers in a community. A small-town pharmacy care team can review a patient’s record, medications, and illnesses to choose the safest and most reliable over the counter medications. They often know their patients well enough to deliver the right advice and recommendations.

A local pharmacy care team also knows the health insurance situations in the area. They can review prescriptions, look at insurance coverage, and then make suggestions for substitutions that are easier to take, more affordable, or more sensible for the patient. Most local pharmacies have a good working relationship with local doctors, so if a physician prescribes something that doesn’t make sense for the patient, the pharmacist may be able to contact the physician by phone to have the prescription changed. This can saves trips to the doctor’s office, saving time and reducing travel expenses.

MCHC is in the process of procuring licenses, hiring pharmacy personnel, and preparing the building for this new business. Construction should begin later this month, or early in December.

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