Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Click the image below to proceed to the online bill pay portal.

Pay My Bill


Can I view my account balance online?

No.  For your security, account information and personal transaction information is not stored on this website.  If you have questions about your account, call or fill out our Contact Form.

Is there a fee for making my payment online?

No.  There is no fee for making a payment online.  In fact, you save the time and cost of mailing by using this online service.

Is this website safe for credit card transactions?

Yes, it is.  We incorporate:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate
  • Encrypted data behind a secure firewall
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • Secure merchant account gateway
  • Tier 4 data center
What are my payment options?

Online payment may be possible by credit/debit card or ACH – See ‘Pay My Bill‘ for the method(s) and cards accepted.

Who can I call with questions about my account balance? Charges on my bill? Making arrangements for payment? Change in my account information?

Contact the Business Office at (507) 642-3255.

Why should I pay my bill online versus paying by check via the mail?

SECURITY: Online bill pay is ten times safer than mailing checks.* According to research, 90% of identity theft does NOT occur through the Internet.** Identity thieves still use the tried and true methods of stealing mail or discarded trash. For additional security, online bill pay requires 128-bit encryption and personalized log-in verification.

EASE: Our online bill pay is simple to understand and fast to complete.

TIME: Pay your bill in a few minutes with instant reassurance and confirmation that “it went through”.


*Research gathered by the Aite Group.
**Research gathered by Javelin Strategy & Research.